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More than 2000 people a day sign up for Twitter accounts. Why? Well, Twitter has become genuinely useful. Dell Computer say that they have sold $500,000 worth of computer equipment via Twitter – by offering discounts and specials.

There’s a great guide at Marketing Sherpa about building your business brand and/or your personal brand with Twitter. Although there aren’t really any rules for Twitter, they give some useful guidelines.

If you aren’t using Twitter yet, you really ought to give it a whirl.

If you’re looking for more interesting people on Twitter, there’s a list of the top 100 at Twitterholic. And TwitterPacks is a wiki where you can find out who on Twitter posts about what. It’s kinda like a phone book, but different. You can add your own entry in whatever category you choose.

If, on the other hand, you want to follow my own inane mutterings, you’ll find me

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20 Responses to Using Twitter

  1. phil from belt buckles says:

    I’m still trying to see what it is about twitter that people love. I just don’t get it yet. I’ll read the marketing sherpa article and see if I can make some sense out of it.

    Why people like it might make for an interesting article

  2. By using Twitter, you can share your activities with everyone who has chosen to follow what you are up to on the web.It is free social networking at its best.

  3. I have to share with you a secret that few people know. Did you knew that on twiter you got to have a following/followers about 2:1… because if you have about 15000:945 (i follow/follow me) like i did, you will end up on the twitter`s blacklist.

    Did you know that twitter has a blacklist? I didn`t. So i burned myself.

    The problem is not that you end up on the blacklist. The problem is that you will not be able to post new updates.

    an “how not to do it” account on twitter.

    I made 15k in 2 days. And the next week i was banned. I don`t understand why.

    Maybe you know… :d

    Tudor Ciurescu

  4. Dave Fleet says:

    Tudor – here’s a tip for not getting blacklisted – don’t spam. I’m not saying you’re a spammer, but the “rules” on Twitter (or the culture, if you prefer) are different – let me explain…

    Twitter is an ‘opt-in’ tool. You choose whose updates you see (who you “follow”). Some marketers try to get lots of people to follow them by following as many as possible themselves. Their hope is that some of those people will follow them back. That’s the Twitter equivalent of spam. If I see someone following 15,000 people but with few updates and few followers, I block them. Simple.

    Savvy marketers, including those at Dell, don’t follow indiscriminately. Instead, they build relationships and trust with people by engaging honestly and directly with them over time.

    The old “shout loudly enough and people will hear you” tactics don’t work in this medium.

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