Should You Put Your Keywords In The Name Field When You Comment?

There’s an interesting discussion going on at Problogger: Should you add Keywords to the Name Field when you Leave Comments on a Blog?

Some people get really upset about this. I can understand why – keywords in the name field do look spammy. But my feeling is – as long as they’re commenting, I don’t really mind the keywords. I don’t do it myself, though.

The discussion reminded me that I haven’t tried a plug-in recommended some time ago by Steven Lohrenz: it’s called KeywordLuv, by Stephen Cronin, and it allows commenters to add their keywords after their name, like this: Derrick@Online Business Blog. The keywords are applied to the commenter’s URL. So my example would appear like this: Derrick from Online Business Blog

This seems to me like a reasonable solution. It’s only of value if the WordPress default ‘NoFollow’ tag is removed – I use Denis de Bernardy’s ‘DoFollow’ plugin. By the way, there’s an interesting post on Google’s official blog from 2 years ago where they discuss the introduction of the NoFollow tag, and the reasoning behind it. The fact that it penalizes legitimate commenters seems to be ignored.

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232 Responses to Should You Put Your Keywords In The Name Field When You Comment?

  1. stela from Horse racing tipster says:

    thanks for such a nice post which may be the good topic of discussion and i hope people may the benefit of the putting the name before keyword. keep it up

  2. keywordLuv is the powerful plug-in to use in comments,thanks for sharing info.

  3. I understand the problem. But, spam or not, all comments deliver fresh new content to your blogs, so in my opinion an keyword optimized anchor tag does not hurt, as long as the comments are with somekind of relevant and unique content. Thanks for posting. – Ray J.

  4. Definetly no . the keyword is not that necessary to be palced in a comment because it is surely based on our opinion

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  6. Joe from Firefighter Costume says:

    Hey Derrick, I make comments with my keywords as my name all the time and I allow others to do the same on my websites. As long as the comment is adding to the conversation and is relevant then I don’t see a problem with it.

  7. tony from lcd TV says:

    I never have to feel guilty adding my keywords with KL. Aside from this site I have several blogs – I run CommentLuv, KeywordLuv, Top Commenters and DoFollow on all of them. No harm in spreading the “link love” we’re all just trying to get ahead in the rankings. At least make the comment worthwhile though. I hate spammy comments.
    Thank You!

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  12. Use keywords in the name field is not spam at all… I think everyone does that coz there’s no other away to get links back, mainly for adult websites like mine!

  13. Rose from Nautilus NE 2000 says:

    I think as long as the comment is on the topic, it is okay to put keyword in the name field. The purpose of keyword luv is to reward commentators with backlinks for their qualified comments.

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  17. I think, it’s ok to put your keyword in the name field. It’s one great help! And the comment tool is really great!-From your Life Coach

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  22. Brice Ashta from Belly Dance Shop says:

    I don’t like approving comments on my own site that simply use keywords as a name, which is why I installed keywordluv in the first place – it encourages using a real name (though there is no way to be sure that it is their real name). That’s why I don’t leave comments with just keywords as a name. I think it’s kind of rude and makes an impersonal, awkward conversation.

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  25. Joe from Marines Costumes says:

    Wow – what a massive number of comments you’ve got! Must be a full time job moderating them. I like the added spam feature youve got (the number addition before leaving a comment) – might have to add something like this to my sites.

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