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Free Traffic

Free traffic? Anyone with a little bit of experience knows that, as with lunch, there’s really no such thing. You always pay for traffic – with money, time or effort (or some combination of the three). With most paid advertising, … Continue reading

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How to Become A Bum Marketing Genius

If you don’t know what Bum Marketing is, you must have been hiding under a rock. It’s basically a new name for article marketing, except that instead of including a link back to your own website, bum marketers put in … Continue reading

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3 Article Marketing Services I Use

Article marketing is one of the simplest ways to get free backlinks to your website. However, there is a bit more to it than just writing an article and submitting it to hundreds of article directories. James Brausch says that … Continue reading

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Owning Your Category Online & The Many Benefits

“Owning your business category online is more than just a few keywords… Is your website broken?” Let’s face it, the Internet is a crowded place… and it’s becoming even more crowded as you read this.  Your business can’t stand still … Continue reading

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Resentment and Civility in Internet Marketing

Copyright © 2005 by Willie Crawford Have you noticed how rude, obnoxious, negative, and downright uncivil people can be in cyberspace? Visit any busy Internet marketing discussion board and you’ll often find dozens of such people who seem to thrive … Continue reading

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