Hi! My name is Derrick Markotter. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I’ve been online for more than ten years, and I’ve picked up a smattering of knowledge about online business.

I’d love to pretend that I know it all, like the so-called ‘gurus’, but I don’t. I reckon I’m pretty good at teaching people what I do know, so I’ll be sharing a lot of that on this blog.

Disclosure: You should assume that links from my blog are affiliate links. I will do my very best not to recommend products I don’t like or haven’t actually used, but even if I don’t like something, I may use an affiliate link in case you don’t believe me and buy the product anyway.

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One Response to About

  1. Andy says:


    I was thinking about buying Relusi, but the sales page looked like some kind of joke and the customer testimonial references a site that doesn’t seem to be using the product.

    As a user of this product and maybe other similar products, would you mind sharing how much profit you can attribute to the use of these products?

    Since the products are “only” around $100 each and I could make 10x or more on autopilot, after installing the scripts it seems like a no-brainer buy I think. Of course, I am talking about selling my traffic after the stats shoot up.

    I read some of your blog posts and was interested enough to subscribe to your feed, so I look forward to more interesting posts.