3 Article Marketing Services I Use

Article marketing is one of the simplest ways to get free backlinks to your website. However, there is a bit more to it than just writing an article and submitting it to hundreds of article directories.

James Brausch says that the only reason the article directories exist is to provide spam content to other spam websites. According to James, the duplicate content filter is real, and although your article may be published on hundreds – or even thousands – of websites, the search engines will end up listing it only a few times.

So what can you do? There are three approaches I’m using. All of these involve submitting unique articles to each content publisher.

1. James’ Artemis Pro Article Submission Software. This is a stand-alone (Windows only) program which runs on your PC. It allows you to generate a unique article for each publisher, by creating three different versions of the article. The program then pieces together a new version for each publisher by taking paragraphs from each version. It does not submit to the ‘spam’ article directories. Rather, it works with an internal list of ‘real’ content sites. Furthermore, you can add your own list of publishers. There is a free version available for you to try out – at www.artemislite.com.

2. JetSpinner is a newly introduced free service which lets you easily create ‘spun’ versions of your articles. You write your article in a text editor with JetSpinner’s simple formatting instructions, upload the article, choose how many new versions you want, and download a *.zip file with the 50 or 100 (up to 999) different article versions. The formatting works like this: {The system|JetSpinner|The script} will randomly choose a phrase from within the braces. That means you can replace text down to the word level, making it easy to create unique articles – using your own words, not some computer-generated spam garbage.

JetSpinner has a companion paid service called JetSubmitter, which lets you take those ‘spun’ articles and submit a unique version to each of the article directories in its list. Of course, these are the ‘spam’ directories that James doesn’t like. But with a different version of the article at each directory, the duplicate content filters have less reason to complain. And of course, you’ll be submitting well-written articles, won’t you?

3. The most promising service at the moment is Content Spooling Network. This seems to have the advantages of both approaches. This is a membership service, which lets you create unique articles (in exactly the same format as JetSpinner) and submit them to the content sites and blogs published by the other members of the service – currently around 600 sites, although you can target relevant sites by category. You can also add spun articles to a short list of the top article directories. And you can also automatically publish unique, relevant articles written by other members on your own websites or blog.

All of these approaches benefit from well-written articles in the first place. The best way to get article marketing to work is by writing excellent, well-researched articles which share valuable information, which results in readers clicking on your hyperlinks.

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28 Responses to 3 Article Marketing Services I Use

  1. Mark says:

    Hi, Mark here. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your article marketing strategies. Hope I can add my 2 cents worth for the newbies. Although the content in the articles are very important but for the newbies, please do not forget the PURPOSE of article marketing. It is to create valid and good backlinks to your site/blog and also readers can go to your site. So do remember to have a good CALL-TO-ACTION. Always tell the readers what to do. Imagine having the finest piece of article but after reading it the potential customer simply leaves, wouldn’t it be a waste? Cheers

  2. Diridea says:

    I prefer viral marketing

  3. Adiadi says:

    I think using article submission is very effective method to build link popularity . It can help to reach out to readers target in the desired and specific niche. The article submission software which was mentioned here sure helps a lot. I believe with the correct effort and the right approach, things will work out the way you want to.

  4. I use Jetspinner for quite some time, and I’m pretty happy with it. Jetsubmitter is also nice, but because of low quality of included article directories articles get crawled *months* after submission…

  5. Moonbounces says:

    What is the quality of an article spun with that software? Does it make any sense to a human reader?
    I think article submission is useless these days, but is just my opinion. I’d rather use that article on my site and add fresh content than submitting to some fishy articles site with tons of categories and external links.

  6. I have been using article marketer for some time and my results have been great! It can be kind of spendy if you do one individual site, but since I have quite a few the cost is not so bad when spread out among them.

  7. lxcoza says:

    Unlike most of the nasty automatic article spinning programs, JetSpinner works by swapping words, phrases or paragraphs that you write. That means that the quality of the articles is as good (or as bad) as your writing.

    Article marketing certainly still works. It’s a long-term process, though.

  8. Chris says:

    Hey Man,

    Old Post I know, curious if you’re still using the Content Spooling Network?

    Let me know :)!


  9. I agree with you completely. Article spinning is indeed VERY POWERFUL, if done right. I once heard someone saying article spinning is for the lazy folks. Well, as strange as it might sound, article spinning is actually for those that are NOT lazy.

    But of course, I am talking about the RIGHT way of spinning your articles. There’s the wrong way and the right way. The wrong way is when you just automatically use the synonym replacement aspect of article spinning software to spit out completely unreadable gibberish, in the name of articles. That’s just junk and no one can read even one sentence from such junk articles.

    But if you really want to get the best from article spinning, then a great deal of effort is required to put into the original work. By a lot of effort I am talking about investing several hours or even days to get one SEED article or a group of SEED articles rewritten with different phrases, sentences and paragraphs. If done right, just one SEED article can be uniquely spun into hundreds or even thousands of copies that can escape the duplicate content filter!

    One of MOST POWERFUL article spinning tools out there that is completely free is PlugAndSpin Article Spinning Software .

    Fred Myson

    Fred Myson

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